Common American-Chinese Translation Issues

Don’t Let Any Linguistic Barriers to Hinder Your Business Expansion. When dealing with regular translations between American English and Chinese (American-Chinese Translation), problems can occur.

Common American-Chinese Translation Issues

The direct translation between the two languages does not always represent the true meaning of what is being said. However, these issues can take on a whole new meaning when legal documents are involved.

Since there are so many differences between American and Chinese laws, legal translations between the two languages can represent a major problem.

Cultural meaning differentiation of a contract

Many companies have found that the documents they translated from American English to Chinese did not adequately and accurately represent the legality of various aspects of the document. For instance, the very meaning of contracts can vary between English and Chinese.

It is often the case that the Chinese refer to a contract as the starting point for a relationship, with the document evolving as the relationship between the two companies grows. However, Americans view contracts as firm and permanent.

In addition, each region of China has a different language that is used as the primary mode of communication, which can present further issues.

The laws, culture and customs of that region also play a part in how contracts and legal documents are interpreted by local governments, business partners, clients and potential customers.

How We Can Help

If your company is planning an international expansion, we can aid. Our experts can accurately translate the documents you will require submitting to foreign governments, clients, and business partners.

Our Swiss agency not only offers the best legal translation services, but we can also provide your company with assistance regarding the intricacies of creating and translating contracts from American English to Chinese.

Unless you want to run into serious problems due to incorrect or unclear translations, we suggest contacting our company so we can set you up with a high-quality translator and liaison to assist with your Chinese translations.

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