The Benefits of Translation Memory Management

Here at SemioticTransfer, we’re constantly striving for improvement, refinement and evolution when it comes to the translation services and solutions we provide. That’s why we work with only the most efficient, capable and effective Translation Memory systems the industry has ever had access to, allowing us to produce results that are not only consistently flawless, but uniquely cost-effective.

The Benefits of Translation Memory Management

Our Approach to Translation

SemioticTransfer approaches and analyses each project individually and comprehensively, in order to pinpoint the technology required to facilitate an outstanding result. Translation Memory Management plays a key role in the vast majority of projects we undertake, with the exceptions of smaller, simpler and one-time-only translation requests.

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In a nutshell, TMM refers to a system whereby translation processes are stored, analysed and held onto in order to bring about significant benefits during future translations carried out for the same brand or business. For repeat clients, prior translation work is automatically factored into any new or ongoing projects, in order to ensure fast and accurate result with flawless consistency.

The key benefits of high-end translation memory management are as follows:

  • Acceleration of all subsequent translation projects, facilitating faster output while at the same time minimising costs to clients.
  • Company/brand/client-specific terminology and jargon is retained and memorised, in order to be used with consistent accuracy and appropriateness throughout all translation processes.
  • General efficiency of the translation process is increased, client involvement is significantly reduced and key phrasing/terminology need only be analysed/explained once.

Or in other words, we strive to make the translation process as rapid and simple as possible, in order to ensure the most cost-effective and convenient service provision for our clients.

SemioticTransfer has the skills, experience and dedication required to help your business spread its reach globally. Get in touch today to discuss your translation needs.

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