Certified German Translation Services

German is an official language in six countries, including Switzerland. Other ones are Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and of course, Germany.

If you need to hand in an official document in those countries, you’ll probably need a certified German translation.

Finding the right translator for a certified translation is important. But high-quality localization will help you solve everything quickly and easily.

Today we’re going to share with you everything you need to know about certified German translation.

How Do Certified German Translation Services Work

Certified or sworn translations are mostly needed to confirm the document’s legitimacy.

Some of the documents that frequently need certified translation are degrees, Powers of Attorney, birth/marriage certificates, transcripts of records, trademarks, and patents. But there are many more.

Certification attests to the veracity of the translation. That way authorities and other institutions can be sure that the handed document is legally relevant.

You don’t need a lawyer to translate the document. But you do need a certified translation office who is able to provide certified translations.

Specialists in Certified German Translation

There are thousands of translators and translation companies out there. Thanks to modern technology, clients can choose any one of them. But it takes an expert to provide exceptional certified German translation.

The translator must know the laws and legislation of both legal systems. That also means keeping up with the changes.

Certified German translation usually has a narrower audience than, for example, marketing text. That audience expects a specialized vocabulary and layout as well as a certification. No idioms, colloquialisms, or figurative expressions. Only formal language, official acronyms and abbreviations.

A certified translation must be clear and unambiguous to every person who reads it.

Remember, certified translations are official documents with evidentiary power. Let the professionals do their magic.

Native Translators + Expert Reviewers = 100% Faithful to Original Translation

Certified German translation, or any certified translation to be exact, can’t be modified. There’s no altering, adding or removing parts of the document.

The translator must guarantee that the translation is accurate and faithful to the original document and text. That’s done by sealing and signing the translation document.

Considering their importance, a certified translation should be done by a native translator. Native translators set the right tone, vocabulary and have a deeper understanding of their mother tongue.

One more key step is reviewing the translation. There’s no room for errors in a certified translation.

Translation review is a great method for ensuring quality. Everybody can have a bad day and overlook a small detail. The important thing is to minimize the chances of an error and correct them if they still happen.

Professional editors and proof-readers do just that.

ISO 17100 Certification – Guarantee of Quality

Did you know that SemioticTransfer AG was the first language services provider in Switzerland to provide certified language services by the ISO 17100:2015 quality standards?

We’re quite proud of that achievement. Yet, something is more important than the certificate itself.

That’s constant improvement and upgrade of the services.

ISO certification doesn’t present only the company’s ability to provide the service by the standard procedures. It also shows the willingness to keep moving forward. Enhancing the methods, staff development, constant learning, and adapting to the latest industry’s standards…

Some of the example aspects include traceability of the translation process, contractual requirements, proofreading and reviewing, and overall quality management of the service.

Questions About Certified Translation? Find Out More

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Free Certified German Translation Quote

If you require a certified German translation, you can always request a non-binding quote. Well, to be exact, you can send your inquiry for any language pair.

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To sum it up, three main things characterize certified German translation. Their legitimacy, faithfulness to the original document, and semantics.

To make the whole process of preparing the documents for submission easier, find experienced professionals. They have the know-how and methods to keep everything in check.

If you’d like that to be us, no problem! Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.