Have You Encountered These Certified Legal Translation Issues?

When literal translation just does not make sense. Legal translation is one of the most challenging translation types in the field. Not only do you have to creatively translate the language to effectuate the same meaning in the target language, but you have to deal with precise terminology and technical translation (Certified Legal Translation).

Have You Encountered These Certified Legal Translation Issues?

This can cause a number of challenges, such as differences in the legal systems you’re translating between and the explicit, precise nature of legal language itself. That’s why it’s so important for professional translators to translate any legal documents you might have.

Legal Terminology

By its very nature, legal terminology is subject to wide-ranging inconsistencies between countries. The origin of legal terms lies within the country’s specific legislation and is a product of historical events, national interpretation, and cultural ambiguities. This fact is one of the greatest challenges when attempting to accurately translate legal documents.

Idiomatic Phrases Aren’t Literal

The target language and the source language might not have the same idiomatic phrases – in fact, they probably don’t – so literal translation won’t make any sense after the document is reproduced. Even paraphrasing certain legal phrases won’t do any good and can result in very strange translations in the target language.

Certified Legal Translation: How We Can Help

Someone who is trying to conduct legal translation has to have extensive experience and linguistic training as well as legal knowledge in both the target and source languages. It’s important for native speakers and in-country experts to have a hand in legal translations.

We have a wide network of experts and translators native to various countries around the world. Our transcreation services can take your source legal document and transform it into a powerful, meaningful, and accurate legal document in your target language.

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