Why Do I Need a Certified Translations?

Make sure the best day of your life goes without a hitch.
Certified translations are important, just ask Mr. and Mrs. almost got married…

Imagine being the couple with the dream wedding planned. The guests have had their best attire dry cleaned, the cake has been baked, the venue is prepared, and every single childhood-dreamed detail has been put in place.

Certified Translations

Then comes the phone call from the authorities saying you cannot get married because the divorce papers from your previous marriage are not certified translations.

“Not certified, I need to get married today, what does that even mean!?”

Certified translations are translated documents that are recognised by a notary as authentic. They are used in many different situations to evidence events or qualifications obtained overseas.

The types of documents that may be requested include: divorce papers, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and visa, passport, and university documents to name just a handful. Visit our blog.

By getting a certified translation from a recognised translation provider, you have a translation that is legally recognised and cannot be contested as fake or fraudulent. By making sure people provide genuine translations, companies and organisations can continue with processes (such as weddings) in the knowledge that their actions are not illegal or putting themselves at risk.

As an expat or migrant, it is important that you hold recognised translations to avoid any unforeseeable hiccups.

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Where Can I Get a Certified Translation?

If you want a certified translation by an experienced and recognised translation provider, SemioticTransfer AG provides legal certified translations at competitive prices. For a free quote, or to discuss your translation needs, give us a call on + 41 56 470 40 40 or email us at contact@semiotictransfer.ch.