Getting Married Abroad? Time to Take Care of Those Translations!

Learn more why you should use certified translations for the most important day in your life. If you’ve made the decision to tie the knot overseas… first of all, congratulations! Not just on the occasion (Getting Married Abroad) itself, but also on setting yourself up for one of the most unique and exciting experiences imaginable.

Getting Married Abroad? Time to Take Care of Those Translations

Suffice to say, anyone who thinks weddings are done properly in this country should see the kinds of celebrations that take place elsewhere!

But here’s the thing – aside from the festivities and all the wonderful aspects of overseas weddings, there’s no escaping the inescapable admin. Which, it has to be said, can be even more complicated abroad than it is at home.

Prepare to Tell Your Life Story …and Prove It’s True

If you’re expecting to simply say “Hi, I’d like to get married!” and get on with the rest of the planning, you can forget it. Depending on where you intend to get married, it’s entirely likely they will expect you to both present and validate your entire life story before you’re able to go any further.

You’ll no doubt be asked to present your birth certificate, passport, residency information, confirmation of single status, etc. What’s more, you’ll also need to provide all such evidence in the form of certified translations.

Those who choose to get married in religious ceremonies abroad may also be required to produce a verification of their various religious ‘credentials’ to date. Baptism records, Holy Communion certificates and so on – don’t expect them to simply take your word for it!

Time is Ticking

You might think you have all the time in the world to get things sorted, but complications are bound to present themselves along the way. As such, it simply makes sense to ensure that obtaining and translating the required documents isn’t one of them.

Start early, establish exactly what you need and work only with a reliable and reputable provider of quality certified translations.

After all, you don’t want the happiest day in your life to become nothing short of a nightmare!

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