Travel Document Translations: Invaluable Insurance You Need!

Don’t neglect the importance of certified translations when travelling!

Here’s an interesting scenario to picture:

You’re in the middle of a dream holiday or trip of a lifetime, when you suddenly realise that the ‘super-safe’ bag you’ve been keeping all your documents in has gone missing. As in vanished. Whether it’s been stolen or you lost it yourself doesn’t matter…it’s gone!

Travel Document Translations: Invaluable Insurance You Need!

You suddenly find yourself in a position where there’s really not a lot you can do but panic. You might have photocopies somewhere of the documents you’ve lost, but a) photocopies don’t carry much weight these days and b) they’re certainly not in the local language.

Unthinkable? It Happens!

It might sound like a doomsday scenario, but it happens more often than you’d think. And when it does, there’s one thing that can make the process of getting your trip back on track a heck of a lot easier:

Certified translations of your key documents!

For example, documents like your driving licence, passport, health insurance and so on, might be clear and obvious to you. To others, these might be totally unfamiliar and written in a language they don’t understand a word of. And let’s be honest – officials in some countries aren’t quite as willing to put any real effort into translating things as you might hope!

They’re also unlikely to be interested in amateurish translations or poor-quality photocopies.

An Authoritative Lifeline

Certified translations signed-off by a notary carry the kind of authority that’s recognised everywhere. Or at least, in the majority of places. So if you take certified translations of your most important documents with you, it’s a bit like having an extra level of travel insurance bolted-on.

Of course, you could also just ensure you don’t lose your documents in the first place. But then again, it’s not like any of us do it deliberately… is it?

Travel Document Translations: What can we do for you?

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