Chinese Certified Translation

How does it Work in China.

Chinese Certified Translation

When dealing with any governmental agency, legal entity or medical organization in China, a certified translation is required to complete business. And companies cannot afford for any mistakes to occur within these translations.

Completing a Certified Chinese Translation

There are so many types of documents that may require a certified translation into Chinese. When a certified translation is being requested, the utmost precision is required. Whether a translator is helping an individual or company, they must know that a lot is at stake in relation to their translation.

For instance, immigration documents or legal contracts that are mistranslated can create huge issues for individuals or companies, while mistranslating financial records or medical documents could throw entire business agreements into jeopardy.

Different Certification Methods

The easiest way to complete a certified translation is for a company to include a statement where they indicate that they completed the translation into Chinese, and they are certifying that the translated text is 100 percent accurate.

There are also cases where a sworn translator will give the document his seal of approval. These sworn translators are often employed by the Chinese government, and are tasked with the responsibility of notarizing documents.

Depending on the case, an affidavit may be required to state the accuracy of a translation. For instance, if a divorce proceeding is underway, a Chinese translator must put it down in writing and state in front of an authorized notary that they are certifying the accuracy of the document that was translated into Chinese.

How We Can Help

Our Swiss translation agency SemioticTransfer AG aware of the pressing need for companies to get official documents translated into Chinese. A certified translation may be a key part of some business contract, government agreement or personal case. Visit our blog.

In these cases, our team of Chinese translators will work tirelessly to ensure the translation is 100 percent accurate. They will also ensure the necessary certification is complete on the document – whether a notary or sworn translator needs to get involved.

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