Chinese Effective Copywriting

When a company is seeking the translation of material into Chinese, they are not only asking for someone who can convert English words into Mandarin or another dialect. They want a company that can translate the message that is being stated through those words and sentences. That is why effective copywriting is such a crucial part of a thorough and high quality Chinese translation.

Chinese Effective Copywriting

Chinese Effective Copywriting

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If copywriting is done correctly, it accounts for local factors, culture, customs, legal frameworks and any industry-specific standards in China before translating the material. But what are the issues that often come up with Chinese translation copywriting?

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Avoiding Lengthy Sentences

An English audience is rarely troubled by longer sentences, provided they are coherent and necessary. However, Chinese audiences much prefer short sentences, especially where marketing text is concerned. Even if the source content is full of longer sentences, the copywriter must shorten them so the final product is more palatable to a Chinese audience.

Passive Verbs

Writing in the active voice, instead of the passive voice, is even more important in China than it is in the West. Using active Chinese verbs is vital when copywriting, because your target market will perceive that text as being more powerful and comprehensible as compared to text full of passive verbs. For instance, a phrase such as “he was adored by his whole family,” should first be tweaked to, “his whole family adored him,” before it is translated into Chinese.

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If you require a Chinese translation in the form of copywriting, our Swiss SemioticTransfer’s team is happy to help. We have served clients who required copywriting into Chinese for close to a decade, and our translators are always striving to learn new techniques and improve their work. The work we complete is free of the most common mistakes that are normally associated with the copywriting of English text into Chinese. Visit our blog.

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