Chinese E-Commerce

Your Door to the Sea of Business Opportunities (Chinese E-Commerce). E-commerce is on the rise, of that there is no doubt. The percentage of individuals who will be shopping from an international retailer is only going to increase in the coming decade, and China is one of the largest markets in the world for such retailers.

Chinese E-Commerce

The only problem with a market such as China is the language and culture barrier. Even though many Chinese online shoppers speak English, the majority prefer to browse through sites and buy items in their own language, which is why a retailer is going to need Chinese translation services if they are to expand their e-commerce empire into that market.

Small Window of Opportunity

Whenever there is an untapped market, it is only a matter of time before things get a little crowded. Many businesses have already expanded their e-commerce operations into China, which means that the window may not be open forever. Experts believe that companies still have a chance to launch their operations in China and succeed, but they will need to do so within five years. There is very little time to waste.

Cultural Significance

Whenever a new market is being entered, companies must be aware that translating a few words into another language is not their only goal – and China is no exception. The Chinese have their own culture, traditions and way of doing things – both offline and online. Companies need to be aware of these cultural elements and traditions when they are posting the Chinese version of their content onto their Chinese website.

We Can Help

Thanks to the work we have done at SemioticTransfer AG for businesses over the past decade, we have gained a deep understanding for the way Chinese culture and business traditions work.

We have also assisted many companies in pushing their website into China – whether it is a new site or an e-commerce hub. If your business is serious about not only entering the Chinese market, but flourishing there, our translation and multilingual SEO services can help you get off to the best possible start. Visit our blog.

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