How to Improve Your Chinese Translations

We Have a Solution Just for You… When you go to translate your documents into Chinese, it’s important to understand the difficulties that exist.

How to Improve Your Chinese Translations

As you prepare to have your documents translated, keep in mind the pitfalls and challenges you might face in order to improve your Chinese translations.

Literally, Don’t Do It

While attempting a literal translation is never a good idea, no matter which languages you’re translating between, it’s almost impossible when you’re dealing with Chinese. Even if you could translate literally, the resulting copy would be so nonsensical and meaningless that it would be humorous at best and an insult at worst. How, then, can you improve your Chinese translations?

Use a Local Expert

Chinese is so ambiguous and complex that even native speakers and writers have a hard time communicating its subtleties to a non-native individual. However, there are local experts who have such an in-depth knowledge of the language, its variances, and its complexities that they can help you with your translation.

It’s best if this local expert also has a great deal of understanding about the English language, including common idioms and location-specific terminology or definitions.

Understand the Challenges

Even if you don’t understand the language, understanding the challenges that exist can help you gauge whether or not a particular translation is correct. For instance, understanding that the order of words is drastically different in Chinese than in English can help you avoid that pitfall. Knowing the characters that provide tense, since none exists before those specific characters are added, can help you look for them where they need to be.

Chinese Translations: How We Can Help

The best solution is to go with a transcreation service. Transcreation goes beyond translation to fully replicate your document in structure, intent, and meaning in your target language. Using a professional service with a network of local experts is the best way to ensure you’re translating your document correctly. Contact us today to see what transcreation can do for you.

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