Attracting Chinese Customers with the Right Translations

Another approach to expand your business in China. Chinese is a beautiful language, and it’s becoming increasingly important in the global business landscape. From international relations to product development and wholesaling, China is fast becoming one of the predominant players in the worldwide marketplace.

Attracting Chinese Customers with the Right Translations

Attracting Chinese Customers with the Right Translations

This means that learning how to accurately translate Chinese is critically important as accurate translation will help you attract Chinese customers and expand your business.

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Why is Chinese Translation So Difficult?

For all of its mystery and beauty, Chinese is an incredibly complex language. It’s almost impossible to master without an intimate knowledge of the spoken and written form, as well as all of its variants. There are over 3,000 characters in Chinese, and most of them are not consistent, meaning that their interpretations depend largely on the literary context in which they reside.

Cognates? What Cognates?

Furthermore, there are no cognates, or words that sound like English, in Chinese, so you can’t rely on them to help you. Chinese doesn’t have an alphabet, and even if you try looking in a Chinese dictionary, the dictionary is so ambiguous it’s hard for life-long natives of China to navigate, let alone non-native speakers or learners.

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How Can You Attract Chinese Business Customers?

With so many difficulties, challenges, and ambiguities, how can you attract Chinese clients? One solution is to spend eight years attempting to master the verbal and written languages and perhaps have enough knowledge to interpret it. The other option is to have a professional transcreation service translate your documents into Chinese.

Transcreation works by not just translating the words in your document, but utilizing the skill set of local experts and subject matter experts to transform your document into an accurate, meaningful replication in Chinese.

Contact SemioticTransfer today and see how our worldwide network of transcreation experts can help transform your document into flawless Chinese so you can attract Chinese clients.

Translations: What can we do for you?

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