Everything for Certified Spanish Translation

Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. With such a wide footprint, Spanish is important for any business looking to expand into new markets. Spain is also a very attractive destination for students, tourists and business travelers.

So, if you are looking for Spanish translation of your documents for business, travel or applying to universities in Spain, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. For one, spoken Spanish varies from one region to another and a particular regional dialect may not always be suitable for official written communication.

Second, many official or business requirements are not met with a simple translation. You will frequently need “Certified Spanish Translation”. This is where we come in.

Spanish Certified Translation: When and Why to Use

Certified translation is not the same as an ordinary translation. For most unofficial purposes, an ordinary translation will be enough. However, for many legal, official and business purposes, you need a Certified translation. A certified translation is legally certified for accuracy by an accredited agency.

Types of Certified Translation

Different types of Certified translation are typically required for specific purposes. There are three types of certified translation:

Notarized Translation

This is the preferred type of certified translation. Here the document is first translated into the target language and then authenticated by a notary public. Most official certified translations are covered by notarized translations. You can use these for –

  • Birth certificates, birth records and birth registers
  • Marriage certificates, divorce contracts and divorce contentions
  • Citizenship papers, immigration and emigration documents, passports, visas and ID cards
  • Degree certificates, school certificates, curriculum vitae, employment certificates
  • Contracts (e.g. employment contracts, purchase contracts and credit agreements)
  • Patents and related documents

Translation Authenticated By An Apostille

This format is commonly preferred by government offices in countries that are co-signatories to The Hague Convention. An apostille is an official stamp issued by the relevant authorities which is affixed on the translated document.

Translation Certified With Declaration Under Oath

This format is used in court cases. This is essentially a notarized translation to which a declaration under oath is attached. This declaration is certified separately and the oath is taken verbally before a notary public or a lawyer.

With SemioticTransfer AG, you get all of the above services and you also get the added reassurance of quality backed by ISO 17100 certification. So how does this benefit you?

At SemioticTransfer AG, we use industry wide best practices which delivers a high-quality translation outcome for you. When you hand over your documents to us for translation, we also take away the stress and anxiety from the entire experience. Let us look at how we deliver accurate and timebound translation services at affordable rates.

Multi Specialist Translation Services

Our translation services cover a wide range of options to suit all your translation needs. This means that you don’t need to manage multiple translation agencies for different document types. Since we have the expertise in-house to meet all your translation needs, you only need to deal with a single agency for all your translation projects.

Our specialist and technical fields for translations into Spanish are:
• Automotive engineering
• Automotive manufacturing
• Banking
• Biology
• Civil engineering, above and below ground
• Clothing
• Construction chemistry
• Construction industry
• Electrical industry
• Finance and business
• Foodstuffs industry
• Humanities and social sciences
• Information technology (IT)
• Law
• Marketing
• Mechanical engineering
• Textiles
• Packaging industry, etc.

Our end products for translations into Spanish are:
• Brochures
• Business and annual reports
• Contracts
• Correspondence
• Detailing aids
• Dictionaries and glossaries
• Legal texts
• Marketing communication texts
• Minutes of meetings and protocols
• Operating manuals
• Packaging
• Product information bulletins
• Software manuals
• Technical manuals
• Tuition books

Spanish Certified Translation with ISO 17100

ISO 17100 certification for translation is not easy to acquire at all. And here is the secret – not many translation companies even bother to get it in the first place. So why did we get it and how does it help you?

  • ISO 17100 means that all our translators must be native Spanish speakers. This means that the true meaning of the document is accurately transferred to Spanish and none of the nuances are missed.
  • To be ISO 17100 compliant, we only employ translators who are university graduates or have at least 5 years of Spanish translation experience. So, your document will be handled by a thorough professional and not by a newbie out to make a quick buck. Your project is in safe hands with us.
  • With SemioticTransfer, you don’t just get a simple translation. After the first translation, the document gets peer reviewed by a reviewer and then further verified by the Project leader. This exceptionally thorough three step process means that you get an extremely reliable and error free final translation.
  • Finally, ISO 17100 also means that your data is absolutely safe and secure with us. Once your project starts, the source material, the intermediate draft copies and the final translation are hosted with complete security and are not transferred to any third party. So, whether it is a legal document, business correspondence or any other type of document, we ensure complete peace of mind and a stress-free outcome for you.

How to request a Spanish Certified Translation?

At this point, you may have a lot of questions about our services:

• How do you request a certified Spanish translation for your documents?
• What are the costs?
• What process do we follow?
• How much time will it take?

To answer all of these questions and to understand your project better, we follow a very detailed process. You can start by filling out this checklist. This tells us more about your specific requirements and let’s us serve you better. After this we will get in touch with you and take this forward.

More than 10 Years of Spanish Certified Translation Service

They say that if you do something over and over again, you get really good at it. We have been doing Spanish translations for a wide range of client requirements for over 10 years now. That kind of job expertise gives us a very deep knowledge on how to deliver high quality translations.

Our processes and expertise have been honed over ten long years to ensure that you get the best translation outcome for your project.

Request your personalised quote now without obligation.