Data Security Issues in Global Banking (All Translation)

Ensure That All Translation “Holes” Are Plugged. When we speak about global online banking, the first thing that comes to mind is security.

Data Security Issues in Global Banking (All Translation)

Customers and banks are more concerned than ever about the possibility of sensitive information and/or documents falling into the wrong hands, especially when transactions and interactions are taking place across countries and in multiple languages.

While most major banks put a lot of effort and money into ensuring their platforms are secure for customers around the world, they ignore certain loopholes and corners where the security of information is not nearly as airtight as they may imagine.

For instance, providing services to customers in multiple languages is one area where security lapses are more common than you may imagine.

Plug your security holes related to translation

Several banks offer customer service in multiple languages, or utilize translators to translate documents so their employees can process those documents in English. Visit our blog.

But they often ignore the fact that when a third-party translator or customer service agent is being given a customer’s information for the purposes of translation or interpretation, they might be accessing and transmitting this information across insecure platforms.

Banks must ensure they are plugging all security holes related to translation and interpretation services.

How We Can Help

Swiss agency SemioticTransfer can assist banks as they look to clean up security issues surrounding their translation and interpretation services.

If a retail bank is looking to hire translators for documents that contain sensitive information, our translators can help. If an investment bank requires customized and secure translation software that their employees can use, so they do not turn to Google Translate or other public domain software, our company can assist in the development and implementation of said software.

As one of the premier translation service providers in the world, we can partner with multi-national banks to ensure the security of customer information is never compromised due to translation services.

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