How to Improve Your Financial Translation Documents

Do You Want to Know The Tricks? Financial translations are an important part of any business relationship with a foreign country.

If you’re trying to create a business relationship, you’ll likely have to deal with a large amount of financial language. From purchase orders to pay structures, contracts to invoices, financial language is a pertinent part of the global business landscape.

How to Improve Your Financial Translation Documents

Translation is an important task, but too many businesses fall victim to common translation mistakes and end up in unfavorable situations because of it.

It’s important to make sure financial translation is done accurately in order for the resulting documents to be effective, correct, and enforceable.

Units and Numbers: Two Seven or Twenty-Seven?

When you write the numbers two and seven (2 7) next to each other, they look pretty much identical to the number 27. Remove the space, and they’re the same number.

In fact, someone who didn’t know better might read the number 27 as (two seven). However, when you write the numbers out, it’s obvious that they’re very different. The same thing happens in translation. Making the mistake of not accurately expressing numbers and units can cause huge problems, up to and including losing a great deal of money.

Financial Translation Documents: How We Can Help

Knowing what to consider when translating financial documents is just the beginning. If you’re going to compete on a global scale and conduct professional business dealings, you need transcreation services. Transcreation takes your original document and goes beyond mere literal translation, creating an artful, identical copy of your document in your target language.

We tap into a dense network of local linguistic, financial, and subject matter experts who have experience in both the source and target languages to help ensure your resulting document is identical in effectiveness, structure, meaning, and content.

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