Financial Translation Techniques [Part 2]

Around 20 or 30 years ago, the idea of every major company or institution requiring constant document translating services (Financial Translation) did not make sense. Yes, some companies were conducting a lot of business internationally, but the majority would stick to what they knew.

The Anatomy of Financial Translations – Techniques

They would work within their domestic markets, which meant dealing with one language in most cases. However, times have changed. Globalization is rising at a rapid rate, which means companies must have multiple translations of documents available for them to use.

Financial Translation Techniques

There are many skills that an expert requires if they are to successfully translate a financial document. For one, they must have a translation background, but also a financial one. A translator must have some knowledge of the terms and phrases that are used within the financial sector, otherwise their translations may not accurately convey the original message of the document.

This process is so important, because even the slightest error can create huge issues for banks and companies, with their reputation often on the line. Even the simplest of documents, such as the forms required to open an account, could cause confusion if they are mistranslated.

Document Analysis

It is one thing to have a fantastic background in document translation, but understanding financial documents is another matter altogether. One of the key elements of translating these documents is properly understanding the message that is being conveyed.

A translator cannot approach the matter one sentence, or even one paragraph at a time. They must read through an entire document, understand the overarching meaning of what they are reading, and then approach individual sentences and paragraphs with a clear vision.

Financial Translation: How Can We Help?

If your bank or company is looking at an international expansion in the coming months, document translation will be high on your agenda. Thankfully, our Swiss team of financial expert translators are available to provide you with the assistance you need.

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