Four Reasons to Think Twice Before Hiring a Freelance Translator

Freelancers for international translation projects.  Whether it’s a French website translation, Russian document translation or Bulgarian business card translation, there are freelancers all over the world, ready and willing to lend a hand.

The only problem being that when you work with a freelancer, you immediately open yourself up to certain inevitable risks.  They may be readily available and highly affordable, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that taking on a freelancer represents the best approach for your business.

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Four Reasons to Think Twice Before Hiring a Freelance Translator

Here’s a quick rundown of four reasons you might want to think again, if considering hiring a freelance translator:

1 – Background and Abilities

First of all, you really have no way of establishing whether or not their claims with regard to their background and abilities are in fact accurate.  It is commonplace for freelancers to overstate their abilities and experience, in order to be awarded as many jobs as possible.  The only problem being that in the instances of those who embellish their own abilities, this often does not become apparent until the subpar results are handed over.

2 – Document Confidentiality

It’s also worth bearing in mind the fact that you cannot always guarantee total confidentiality when dealing with freelancers.  Established professional translation companies will always treat their clients’ personal data and documentation with comprehensive regard for privacy and security.  In the case of freelance translators, this may not be the case at all.

3 – Delivery and Punctuality

Punctuality must likewise be considered, as in any instance where the required documentation must be returned promptly, it pays to work with an established service provider.  The reason being that while any given freelance translator may promise to deliver by a certain time, you effectively have no guarantees that they will not simply walk away without notice =.

4 – Ongoing Commitment

Last but not least, if you are likely to require any kinds of international translation services on an ongoing basis, it once again makes sense to work with a reputable service provider.  The reason being that freelance translators (quite understandably) are prone to taking whichever offer that comes their way which they believe to be the best.  This in turn means that in terms of ongoing commitment, it is very difficult to rely on a freelancer primarily looking out for their own interests.