The Importance Of Cultural Translation In Your Advertising Content

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Cultural Translation of Advertising Content

The Importance Of Cultural Translation In Your Advertising Content

Creating advertising content for a country or language you’re not native to can be a disaster waiting to happen. Whether you’re a business looking to break into a new, international market, or you’re simply not a native speaker, cultural translation can be tricky to master. Transcreation solves the problem of cultural differences by ensuring your advertising and marketing materials are perfectly placed to gain the reaction you intended.

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How Do I Achieve Cultural Translation?

Transcreation is the art of cultural translation and is essential for advertising translation. You need to make sure that the message you are portraying is understood. More than that, you need to make sure people resonate with it, identify with it, and relate to it.

How do you do that? Easy, by trusting a native speaker to translate the content using all the nuances and subtle differences between the original and target language or country.

Why Is Native Content Creation So Important?

Think back to the best advert you’ve seen in the last few years. The best website, social media campaign, television advert. What do they all have in common? They were all written, designed, and created for a specific audience and for a specific purpose. They made you feel something, they made you want something, they tapped into something that only a native speaker could understand.

Imagine that advert was aired with the same wording, the same images and the same message but in another country (in their own language, of course). Do you think it would have the same effect? No, it wouldn’t. It wouldn’t have the same effect because of cultural differences, because of slang, because of different world views, different senses of humor and different ways of life.

People in different countries have different lives, different problems and they speak a whole different language. Transcreation bridges this cultural gap by using native speakers who understand the lives and cultures of the people within the target country, meaning your advertising materials perform much better.

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