Protecting your Intellectual Property with an Affidavit Translation

The importance of getting an accurate legal translation of your affidavit.

Protecting your Intellectual Property with an Affidavit Translation

The process of generating and evaluating new ideas and inventions can be costly. It can be devastating to successfully come up with an idea or a business process only for it to be stolen by someone else. However, you can use a patent to protect your intellectual property.

What do you do when someone challenges the validity of your patent in a court of law? It’s simple, you prove to the court that the idea is yours. At this point, it’s advisable to have your lawyer submit an affidavit.

Why do you need an affidavit?

Contains evidence
It’s in the affidavit that you provide specific information about your invention. With this, you don’t have to show up in court, as your lawyer can use the information provided to argue your case. Hence, it saves you time and money in a variety of legal events.

It’s a requirement in judicial proceedings
Certain judicial proceedings automatically require an affidavit. Without it, proving that your patent is valid would be much more difficult.

Under what circumstances must an affidavit be translated into another language?

When court proceedings take place in a foreign court
When the documents involved belong to a country of a language different from that of the court, the affidavit must be translated and certified. For example, when the affidavit is in English, yet the proceedings take place in a German court.

When the parties involved speak different languages
Often an affidavit is written by a lawyer and consists of all the claims relevant to the case. You must then sign to confirm that the information provided is correct. However, you can only sign if you’ve read and understood the contents. If you can’t read the language it’s written in, then the affidavit must be translated into your language.

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