Apostille Translation – Getting It Right

Are you aware which documents require an Apostille translation?

Apostille Translation - Getting It Right

Apostille Translation – Getting It Right

The growing need for Apostille translations means that the services of high quality translators are in even greater demand than before. But what are Apostille translation services and how do they differ from typical legal translation work?

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Apostille Translations

Apostille is a French word that translates as certification, which is a fitting term to describe such a service. Apostille translation services refer to documents that are authenticated in a way that meets the standards that were first set at The Hague Convention in 1961.

With an Apostille translation, it is possible for organisations in countries around the world to understand the translated public documents no matter what language they speak or read. The closest comparison to an Apostille translation would be going into court to get the copy of a certified court order regarding a case.

Types of Documents for Apostille Translation

There are a few types of documents which require an Apostille translation. These include any documents that originate from a court, administrative documents, notarial acts and any official certificates that are added onto documents.

For instance, a marriage licence, birth certificate, adoption paper, background check, power of attorney or divorce decree would fall into this category.

Proper Translation of Apostille Documents

When a client realises they require an Apostille translation for some purpose, they will turn to a translator for assistance. However, the nature of these translations means that means that not just any translator will do.

It requires a translator who is fully aware of the procedures and requirements for an Apostille translation. The slightest mistake could result in a mistranslation or misrepresentation of the document, which would create huge problems for the client who is attempting to use these documents for a personal or business case.

How Can We Assist?

Our SemioticTransfer legal translation team is well versed in how to complete this work, and they constantly keep up with any new requirements or standards that are being added to Apostille translations. Visit our blog.

If you require an Apostille legal translation, our team can complete the job for you in an efficient and 100 percent accurate manner.

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