The 5 Most Important Things To Look For When Translating Consumer Contracts

Consumer contracts may involve anything from credit sales of consumer goods and services, loans and extensions of credit, secured loans, to rental or leasing contracts, and contracts that involve payment for legal services.

If these contracts involve people who do not speak the same language, a translation is necessary. Here is a look at five common consumer contract issues that could arise during such situations.

The 5 Most Important Things To Look For When Translating Consumer Contracts

The 5 Most Important Things To Look For When Translating Consumer Contracts

Why it is so important to use professional legal translations.

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1. Correct translation of Key Terms
If a contract is being signed between two parties, and they speak different languages, or they hail from different countries, a translation is necessary. The entire contract must be translated from its original language into another, to ensure both parties have the same ability to read through and understand the contract’s terms. However, so many companies end up in a legal bind because of poor translations.

If the company or person responsible for completing the translation does not have the necessary experience, they could mistranslate a few key words within the document, which could change the entire meaning of the document.

2. Correct Meaning of Contract Clauses Based on a Translation
When a consumer contract is completed between parties in different countries, or those who speak different languages, a translation is often required. However, even the best translations can result in some confusion based on terminology and how things are phrased.

One party may interpret a sentence completely differently to the other party, resulting in some confusion down the road. It is important for the person responsible for the document’s translation to avoid such confusion and misunderstandings at all costs.

3. Identifying the Correct Laws in More than One Country
The legal translation of consumer contracts is not only about getting a set of words written into a different language. It is also important to ensure the contract is considering the laws in both countries. For instance, if a company from Mexico is signing a deal with a company from the United States, the relevant laws in BOTH countries should be considered when writing up and translating the contract.

4. Getting a Translation Done on Time
Many consumer contract situations are handled in a time-sensitive manner. For instance, if two companies or individuals are completing a negotiation, they may want their contract signed and sealed quickly. However, translation services can take time to get done in a high-quality way.

That is why your institution must plan appropriately, by having a translation service company on hand to get a contract translation done as quickly as possible.

5. Ensuring Both Parties Understand the Contract in their Language Before Signing
When consumer contracts are being negotiated between two parties, there is a tendency for their legal representatives to put off a legal translation until the last moment. This is a grave mistake, as both parties should have a chance to look at the translated documents in their own language, so they have a full understanding of what is being laid out. In addition, both legal teams should get together to iron out any potential mistakes or confusion within the translation.

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