Expanding to Europe: Challenges and Solutions (professional language assistance)

Get professional language assistance during every step of the transition. One of the major obstacles a company faces when they are expanding from the United States to Europe is navigating through the minefield of different languages, laws and customs in the various countries.

Expanding to Europe: Challenges and Solutions (professional language assistance)

For instance, if your firm is expanding to France and Germany, you must deal with the translation and conversion of business paperwork, legal documents and contracts from American English to both languages.

Direct translation vs legal expert translation

You may think it is straightforward to translate a contract or legal document from English to French or German, but many complications can arise.

Direct translations are not always the most accurate, as they ignore legal context that may differ between the two countries. That is why the assistance of a high-quality translation service is necessary to avoid complications that could significantly harm your business during this expansion.

Get All Your Paperwork Translated Properly from translating legal documents, companies must also face up to the fact that they will need language assistance during every step of the transition.

Even if you are hiring liaisons who are based in a European country, you will need to have your business paperwork, patent registration documents, marketing slogans, ad campaigns and other documents accurately translated. Even the slightest mistake in any of these documents could present a headache for your business, while a major error could put an end to your expansion plans before they even get started.

Professional language assistance – How We Can Help

Our Swiss translation agency SemioticTransfer AG provides high quality and accurate translation services for business documents, legal paperwork, contracts and more.

If you have any documents that need to get translated from American English to any European language, our experts can get it done for you. In addition, we can provide businesses with the insight and assistance they need while creating contracts to hire workers in European countries.

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