Why Specialist Legal Translation is Key to Your Business Success

When it comes to law, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Why Specialist Legal Translation is Key to Your Business Success

Legal documents are so important to businesses, especially when those documents need to be translated for a foreign audience. One translation error can change the meaning of the document and result in serious consequences. These consequences may have damaging financial or trading impacts, as well as reputation damage.

Why Specialist Legal Translation is Key to Your Business Success

Translating such documents is a challenge because language can be so complex. Phrases, certain expressions, and specific words may be insulting or embarrassing when poorly or literally translated into another language. They are highly technical documents that may even include words that cannot be easily translated.

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Specialist Legal Translation – Common Mistakes

The most common mistakes that companies do when translating their legal documents are:

Using translation software: this is probably one of the worst things that a business can use for their legal translation needs. It may not only compromise word meaning, it also frequently ends in nonsensical sentences.

Choosing the cheapest translators: your legal document is too important to be left with entry-level professionals and should be a job left to experienced linguists.

Not seeking experts: legal translation is a niche and should only be taken on by trained translators

Why a Generic Translator Is Not Good Enough

Translators are talented in providing texts in other languages while retaining the original meaning. However, for legal documents they may not be good enough. Legal translation requires more than a fluent knowledge of two or more languages. It also requires specific training and a multilingual knowledge of law. Visit our blog.

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