Avoid Trouble in Your Family With Family Law Translations

These services include all baout legal translations (Law Translations) and interpretation. Family law cases are often the most challenging, due to the personal nature of what the customers are going through.

Avoid Trouble in Your Family With Family Law Translations

The work of a translator related to these cases takes on greater significance. It is one thing to complete a translation for a multi-national company or bank. But when you are completing a legal translation that will have a direct impact on a family’s case in court, you can begin to understand the importance of what you are doing.

Types of Family Law Cases

Whether the case is related to immigration, divorce, child custody or the division of assets among the remaining family members, document translation will play a key role in how the case pans out. Many family law cases not only involve complex situations and multiple parties, but they also involve families who do not have a full understanding of the English language.

When families from different backgrounds are involved, it also means they have documents from their country of birth. These documents often require a legal translation, so they are admissible in a court of law.

A Translator’s Work

When cases involve families that are immigrating, or were born in another country, a translator is vital to the case’s outcome. In many cases, they are required to perform a legal translation of a witness statement or affidavit from one party involved in the case.

How Can We Help?

When a case involves delicate matters such as inheritance, child custody or divorce, nothing but the best is required from a legal translator. Even the smallest mistake can have a big impact on the case. Our Swiss translation agency SemioticTransfer AG can provide families with the services they need pertaining to legal translations and interpretation.

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