Translating for Legal Equivalence

Don’t Focus on Individual Words. One of the toughest aspects of managing a legal translation is not the literal translation of one word to another, but ensuring that legal equivalence is being met throughout the document (Translating).

For instance, you oversee translating a consumer contract between companies in two different countries: one company is in Germany, while the other company is American.

Translating for Legal Equivalence

When you are overseeing such a translation, it is not the literal meaning of each word that you need to put on the document. Some nuance is required to find the legal equivalence of each phrase.

The Precise Spirit That Matters

There have been so many translations of such documents in the past where legal equivalence was ignored. The translators would focus on a word-by-word translation. For instance, if an English sentence talked about how one company was required to supply a product at a certain time, or they would face censure, it is vital to ensure that your translation is indicating all this information.

It is the precise spirit of what is being said that matters the most, not the individual words that are being used, or the sentences that they are creating. The goal of a translation is to provide the other party with the same legal information in their language. Visit our blog.

Translating: How We Can Help

The best way to avoid issues of legal equivalence is to make sure the translation company you are hiring are not only experts in understanding the nuances of both languages, but that they also have an expertise in the legal systems of each country.

Our experienced and professional translators have a full understanding of the legal intricacies of all nations, maintaining the ability to highlight critical aspects of your legal documents. We further illustrate the true meaning of each document in the language it is being prepared for.

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