Legal Terms to Watch Out For (legal documents)

Are you creating legal documents for business activities in foreign countries?

Legal documents are the mechanisms for business. With them, you can pave the way for successful partnerships, expand your global reach, and secure new levels of success for your company.

Legal Terms to Watch Out For (legal documents)

However, all of this can only happen if you translate your legal documents correctly. Whether you’re securing a patent or negotiating a business deal, it’s crucial that your legal documents be precisely and accurately translated when conducting international business.

Why translation alone isn’t enough

Translation and transcreation can work together as effective tools for turning your legal documents into powerful assets. Translation deals with taking the language of a document and finding the appropriate word-for-word phraseology in your target language. However, translation itself doesn’t always do the job. If you’re not familiar with the legal customs, culture, and nuances of the language you’re translating your documents into it can be a recipe for disaster.

Transcreation takes the idea of translation to the next level.

Instead of a literal word by word translation, transcreation seeks to ensure the meaning of your entire document is accurate and carries weight once translated. It’s not an easy or fast process, but it’s essential in order for your legal documents to do your business justice in another country.

The process can include using cultural experts, legal experts in the field who are intimately familiar with the nuances of the law in the country where you intend to do business, and professionals who know which legal terms to watch out for when translating.

How We Can Help

If you’re translating legal documents for business use, make sure they are just as effective, useful, and accurate in their final form. We can help you by taking care to ensure the validity, accuracy, and structural integrity of your legal documents through our transcreation process.

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