Marriage Certificate Translation And Why You Might Need It

Making sure your marriage abroad is recognized in Switzerland with marriage certificate translation.

Marriage Certificate Translation And Why You Might Need It

So, you’re married? Great! Now let’s make sure the Swiss authorities know about it and recognize it so you can carry on the celebrations. Find out why you might need a certified marriage certificate translation and what it means.

Whether you’re a Swiss national who eloped or you’ve moved here from your home country, you’ll want to ensure that your marriage is officially recognized and recorded. You may be applying for identity documents, trying to open a bank account or be applying for a visa – no matter the reason, you’ll need to make sure your documents are all in order.

Is My Marriage Valid In Switzerland?

Switzerland recognizes most marriages conducted in a different country as long as the legal requirements for marriage in Switzerland are met. So, both parties will need to be of legal age, fully consenting, not already married and the ceremony must be carried out by an official person registered to conduct marriages in the host country. In order to officially record the marriage in Switzerland, you’ll have to inform the relevant Swiss authorities and send in any supporting documents.

Do I Need A Marriage Certificate Translation?

If you have a foreign marriage certificate, you need to hand in the original document plus a certified translation to the Swiss Embassy or Consulate in the country where you married. Then, your documents will be sent to the responsible civil registry in Switzerland. So yes, you will most probably need a translation of your marriage certificate if you want your marriage to be recognized in Switzerland.

Where Can I Translate My Marriage Certificate?

Like most official documents, marriage certificates need to be translated professionally. This ensures their acceptance by the Swiss authorities and speeds up the process of having your marriage recognized. SemioticTransfer has qualified native speakers who can perform certified translations of your marriage documents for an affordable price.

Why Do I Need Certified Translations?

Certified translations are official translations of official documents that can be used for official purposes. Most governments and embassies only accept certified translations, as they’re carried out by qualified professionals and are certified to say all the information is accurate and the translation conforms to the original.

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