Why You Need A Divorce Apostille In Switzerland

Make Sure Your Divorce Is Legal In Switzerland With Divorce Certificate Translation.

Why You Need A Divorce Apostille In Switzerland

Whether it’s a sad or happy occasion, divorce is an official thing and the Swiss government needs to know about it. But, what do you do if your divorce certificate is from another country? Will they still accept it?

Nothing lasts forever and as sad as the end of a marriage may be, it is important to get your documents in order. Were you divorced in another country? If you are looking to get identity documents, a Swiss visa, open a bank account in your new name or anything else that would require your divorce certificate, then you probably need a divorce certificate translation.

Why Do I Need A Divorce Certificate Translation In Switzerland?

The Swiss authorities only accept originals or certified translations of documents in English, French or German. If you were divorced in another country and your divorce certificate is in a different language, you will need a translation to be able to use it as evidence for anything. If you live in Switzerland, you will also be required to notify the Swiss Canton you live in that your marriage has been dissolved in order for it to be legally recognized.

When Might I Need A Divorce Certificate?

If you’re getting married in Switzerland, you’ll most likely be required to provide the divorce certificate if you have already been married anywhere in the world. Already living in Switzerland? Then doing anything that would require proof of your name or identity will probably mean you have to send your divorce certificate in if you’ve recently been divorced. This is because the systems may not have had a chance to register your new surname or maiden name. This covers anything from opening a bank account to applying for a new passport or ID card.

Do I Need A Certified Translation Of My Divorce Certificate?

Yes. No matter what the reason for your translation, if it’s for official purposes then you will need to get a certified translation. A certified translation simply means you’ve used a professional translation service and that a Notary Public will certify the translation. As a divorce certificate is a civil record document, you’ll probably also need a divorce apostille. An apostille is a signed and stamped certificate that is attached to the original document to prove its authenticity. If you have a foreign divorce certificate, the apostille needs to be obtained at the issuing country’s authorities. If your divorce certificate is issued in Switzerland and is intended to be used in other countries, then the apostille should be done at the respective state chancellery of the canton where you live.

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