Establishing Overseas Offices – Beating the Brexit Blues

As the UK’s official departure from the European Union looms, businesses at all levels are being advised to carefully consider their expansion goals. For the time being, Britain remains a member of EU, which in turn means relaxed and open policies when it comes to opening overseas offices.

By the time Brexit come about however, it could be an entirely different story. Which is precisely why experts are insisting that for those business owners with an interest in moving into Europe, the time to get moving is right now.

Establishing Overseas Offices – Beating the Brexit Blues

Simple Expansion

For the time being, expanding a business into another EU territory need be no more difficult than translating your website and working on your overseas presence. From Polish e-commerce translations to Dutch website translations and all other examples besides, the opportunities really are limitless.

Or at least, they will be for the immediate future at least – the outlook after Brexit not being so certain.

The simple fact of the matter is that because nothing like this has ever happened before, absolute nobody knows for sure what to expect. Theories abound, but largely the only thing everyone seems to agree on is that living, working and travelling in the EU is about to become a lot harder for UK residents.

There’s already been a flurry of activity from those looking to obtain EU citizenship via a different country – business owners are also considering their options quite frantically.

A Genuine Unknown

Of course, there’s every possibility than the UK might strike unique and beneficial deals with any number of overseas nations post-Brexit, representing truly outstanding business expansion opportunities. Even so, making your mark on the countries right there on our doorstep is something that’s likely to become much more complex going forward.

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