Helping Your Brand Go Global with Successful Marketing Campaigns

Conquer the world’s markets with expert advertising translations.

Helping Your Brand Go Global with Successful Marketing Campaigns

Helping Your Brand Go Global with Successful Marketing Campaigns

The overriding reason to take your brand global is to improve your potential for expansion and growth. Unlike in the past, when the global market was reserved for brands with deep pockets, it’s now possible for any business with a creative strategy and understanding of world markets to thrive.

When it comes to taking your brand global, cultural and linguistic barriers may be daunting. However, if you pay close attention to marketing translation and transcreation, then you’ll realise that these barriers are imperative considerations if your global campaign is to be a success.

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What are the Differences between Marketing Translations and Transcreation?

Operation: Adapting vs. Recreating
Marketing translation deals with adapting words from one language to another, including slang, idioms and references. Transcreation, on the other hand, deals with recreating advertising content from one culture into another. Each language and culture has its own set of nuances, and things can’t always be translated literally or have the same effect.

For example, Red Bull’s energy drink in China comes in gold cans with red bulls and black writing, because these are lucky colours and resonate more with the whole image of the brand. In Western countries, it’s red, blue and silver to give a modern appeal.

Intention: Understanding vs. Emotionally Accepting
Marketing translation focuses more on ensuring that the message is suited for the target audience, whereas transcreation makes your message sound natural, eliciting emotions in the same way as the original message.

A reaction from a marketing translation would be “Uh-huh, I get what you’re saying.” While for a transcreation, a reaction would be “Great, I get it and this reminds me of my childhood.”

Scope: Copy vs. Whole branding
Marketing translation only works with what’s available whereas transcreation considers all the elements of your materials. For example, if you wanted to create a landing page for a new audience, marketing translation would only help you with the main text. However, transcreation would ensure that all the logos, colours, puns are suitable for your target audience.

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