How Switzerland Certified Translation Services Help Students With Their Admission

What are Certified Translation Services?

Having a document translated from one language to another is not enough. Some organizations will require the documents to have legal certification before submission. As a result, some companies offer accurate certified translation services online. Thus, clients do not have to visit their offices for assistance. Consequently, their materials are acceptable in any organization that requires legally acceptable papers.

Switzerland is a unique country known as a business and education hub globally. Hence, the need for a certified translation company to students. Besides, undergraduates need to further their studies in foreign nations such as the US. Nonetheless, a language barrier stands in their way, as German, French, and Italian are the main Languages.

Thus, the need to get transcripts and other school documents legally translated before submitting it. However, to get the right interpreter, students need to check for the company profile and reviews. Besides, getting the perfect translation company will help you in the application owing to their past interaction with previous students.

Importance of Certified Translation Services to Students

Apostille authentication is a requirement in many originations. A typical translation service will not help you in meeting such a strict requirement. However, a certified translation service will offer you the official stamp. Getting the stamp allows you to submit the papers in any country, which is a co-signatory to the Hague convention.

Besides, certified translations will help with court cases requiring oath declaration. As a result, most certified translators have lawyers to all their ensure clients’ needs have met under one roof.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Most students work with tight deadlines hence the need to have efficient translators. Swiss companies are known for their punctuality and accuracy in getting documents ready. As a student looking forward to joining a US institution of higher learning, you need such services to fast track your admission.

Hardly will you get faulty documents from Swiss translators, as they understand the importance of getting flawless papers to students. Check out our blog!

Diverse Translation Services

Translation services work on various materials ranging from transcripts to birth certificates. Hence, students can be assured of getting their documents translated from Arabic or Germ to US English. All they need is getting their work to the right hands and wait to get translated copies within the agreed time.

Bank statements and other sensitive documents get translated and stamped ready submission. Students need to choose their translators wisely and get their work done efficiently. Besides, medical information gets a swift touch to US English without breaking a sweat.

High Editorial Standards  

To achieve high editorial standards and ensure every document reflects the original message. Every text goes through rigorous checks to check for spelling errors and counter check with original paper for accuracy. Thus, students get value for money as the documents are ready for submission and stand a chance of winning a slot in the university. So how do translation services achieve the required editorial services?

  • Checking word for word if the translation reflects the intended message.
  • Checking for any left out elements in the translation; and ensure the translation is accurate in all aspects.
  • The sequential flow of ideas and content to warrant everything makes sense and removes any contradictions.
  • Eliminate any factual errors in the translation, such as sentence structure or awkward wording. The aim is to ensure a smooth and coherent document.
  • Is the language perfectly adapted to the user, and how usable is it?
  • Is the result suited to the genre, does it include perfect terminology, and phrases matching the original message.
  • Does the translation observe all rhetorical standards of the target language?
  • Checking for all grammar and spelling rules to ensure the translation; is flawless. Besides, problems with indention, fonts, text structure, and alignment get corrected.

The result is a professional and perfect document ready for immediate use. Besides, translators ensure the text meets all legal requirements that the student did not specify. Some go the extra mile of assisting students in submitting procedures to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Identifying the Perfect Certified Translator

Getting a suitable translation agency is an overwhelming task for most students. Working on a tight budget while expecting the best quality translation makes the process complicated for undergraduates. Besides, legal interpretation is not a reserve for big corporations. Students have the chance to get the same services from smaller organizations at a more economical price without compromising on quality. However, students do not need to waste a lot of time on the task; we have a set of tips to help.

I am Julia Müller, and my pet name is Julie. I speak fluent German and have a passion for learning foreign languages. As an aspiring international student, learning US English is a crucial requirement to facilitate further studies. Currently, I hold a bachelors degree in business administration, but I want to pursue my Masters in America.

SemioticTransfer AG is known globally to assist students with all their translation requirements. Having helped students such as Julie, we recommend our services to any student with similar needs. Besides, we have a strict confidentiality policy as we never disclose student information without their consent. Hence, clients in need of certified translation Zurich just found a partner.

I have always admired getting my Masters degree from an American university, and the only way to achieving this is by getting a legal interpreter. Contacting us will get much more than translation as we advise on the different cultural practices. As such, we equip clients with more information on how to get along in foreign institutions with ease.

Ethics in translation is an important virtue to check out, and we are industry leaders in professionalism. Thus, you can come to us and wait for stunning results and advice. Finally, do not ignore localization concerns as words have different meanings depending on the locality.


Finally, overcome your fears and get your perfect translator to work on your documents. As a student, always define your objectives and desired results. It is the first step towards getting an ideal translator and initial results.

Thus, make a move, choose your suitable translator, and start your way to freedom. Translator services will surely land you place in a US university. Besides, you get more consultancy services from your agency thanks to their experience and expertise.

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