The Enormous Value of Targeting Multicultural Audiences at Home

To most business owners, the idea of international website translation is one of interest only to those planning overseas expansion. Nevertheless, the ever-accelerating growth of the multicultural population right here on home soil brings with it extraordinary opportunities for capitalisation – most of which are going entirely untapped.

The Enormous Value of Targeting Multicultural Audiences at Home

Taking the United Kingdom as a prime example – an ongoing study by Mediareach Advertising recently found that the multicultural population in the UK alone increased by over 3 million citizens in a single decade.

As it stands, the approximate UK multicultural population in total hovers around the 7.5 million mark – 2.5 million originating from Europe, 5 million from the rest of the world. And of course, this doesn’t take into account the estimated 2 million people living in the UK without having legally registered or obtained citizenship.

With the growth and expansion of so many ethnic communities, many of those residing in the UK are choosing to remain with their own native languages, picking up remedial English language skills at best.

Nevertheless, the total multicultural population of London alone is estimated to have a mind-blowing £300 billion in disposable income. A full 40% of the entire population of the British capital is considered of an ethnic background and things are only expected to continue in the same direction indefinitely.

Unsurprisingly, brands and businesses making the necessary efforts to appeal to multicultural audiences within the confines of their own nations are reaping the richest rewards. With something as simple as a Polish website translation service or comprehensive Romanian document translations, business interests suddenly expand to enormous consumer populations, previously underexplored and grossly undervalued.

Of course it’s a very similar story in almost every key metropolitan hub the world over, where multiculturalism is nothing short of the new norm. So even in the instances of those with no immediate intention of branching out overseas, it might be worth thinking twice about the enormous prospective audiences right there on your own doorstep.

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