Why your Primary Marketing Focus should be Customer Care

There is always a separation between what marketers consider important, and what customer care professionals view as their primary focus (Marketing Focus).

Primary Marketing Focus: Customer Care

How transcreation can help you attract and satisfy your customers.

Marketers work a lot on getting new customers through the door, but they do not care about the post-purchase phase. It is very important for marketers to not only care about that phase of the customer experience, but to ensure they are not selling customers short with their work.

Transcreation, Not Translation

One of the primary ways for a company to put customer care at the forefront of their work is to engage in transcreation. Many companies are not even aware of transcreation, which is part of the problem. Transcreation is a process where text is not merely translated into another language, but is recreated with a new target audience in mind.

Synergy Between Departments

The transcreation of content not only means that your company will have a better chance of attracting customers in a new market, but it also results in a synergy between all your departments.

Both your marketing and customer care departments are now working together to deliver a complete experience to your customers in the new market, instead of only focusing on getting customers to buy your products and not worrying about what happens afterward.

How a Translation Agency Can Help

Many translation agencies specialise in providing professional translations for their clients, but some are also aware of how transcreation can be used effectively. Transcreation professionals know when it is appropriate for them to engage in the localisation and recreation of content, instead of merely rewriting it into another language. Visit our blog.

And if your company is hoping to make the push into a new market, you will need to ensure that every bit of content on your website, and within your marketing campaigns, is recreated for these new markets.

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