Common Translation Issues for eCommerce Sites

When transcreation is your only way of achieving success.

When you are managing your company’s expansion from one nation to another, the process is often fraught with potholes and potential problems.

Common Translation Issues for eCommerce Sites

For instance, eCommerce sites often find that going from one nation to another is not as simple as translating their entire site into another language. Many eCommerce providers and multi-national companies have suffered greatly because they took translations for granted, thinking they had it all figured out.

“Come Alive with the Pepsi Generation”

One of the more infamous examples is Pepsi, who translated their slogan of “Come Alive with the Pepsi Generation,” to Chinese without thinking about its meaning in China.

The phrase literally translated as “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Dead,” which certainly did not help them win over the Chinese who spotted the mistake.

An eCommerce site may not have the worldwide recognition of Pepsi, but the propensity for translation issues is just the same.

For instance, your site may be looking to translate various phrases, key commands, banner ads, pop-up ads and other parts of the site from English to French, German, Chinese or Hindi.

In any of these situations, a mistranslation would not only confuse potential customers, but it would paint your business in a very negative light. This is exactly when transcreation becomes your right hand in achieving your goals.

How a Translation Agency Can Help

If you are planning an expansion of your eCommerce business, you will need to have your entire website transcreated and remastered into another language. And transcreating a site is not as simple as putting it through Google Translate, which is why the services of a translation agency can help.

Translation professionals can not only assist you with the transcreation of your site, but they can also provide much needed cultural and legal perspectives on how your business will translate to another nation’s market.

Specialist translation agencies can assist eCommerce companies as they look to seamlessly transition their business from one nation to multiple countries.

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