Localisation and Transcreation Issues in the Travel Industry

Why it’s important to produce customised content and services for each market (Transcreation). The travel industry provides companies with the unique opportunity to benefit from customers in every possible market in the world.

Localisation and Transcreation Issues in the Travel Industry

While globalisation of eCommerce is increasing in general, the travel industry is already in a position where customers are making purchases across the world as they look to book business or personal travel arrangements.

Many companies take advantage of this situation by crafting versions of their site in multiple languages. Visit our blog.

However, having more than one version of your company’s site is not a telltale sign that you will find it easy to lure customers from other parts of the world. Providing a high quality and localised experience to those customers is the way to go, and that involves a lot of work.

Act local, transcreate global

Companies must not only push to create high quality and localised or transcreated versions of their sites for customers in markets around the world, they must also provide those customers with quality services.

For instance, a travel site cannot have a customer service section that is only useful for English-speaking or Western-based customers – especially not if they wish to take on business from markets such as India, China and other parts of Asia.

Travel companies must also keep up to date on the latest shopping and technology trends pertaining to their business, especially if they wish to stay ahead of the competition.

Transcreation – How a Translation Agency Can Help

If you are involved in the travel industry and you are hoping to target customers from markets around the world, a translation service provider can assist you in the transition.

Not only are the experts capable of providing high quality website transcreation and localisation services, they can assist your company in developing translations for customer service teams to deal with buyers who may be completing purchases from countries around the world.

Producing high quality content and services for each market is the only accurate predictor of successful global expansion for companies in the travel industry.

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