Localising Video Subtitles with Transcreation

Make sure your message doesn’t get lost in translation. When crafting a video for a target market, you may find that you could benefit from translating (Transcreation) the video to another language, or including subtitles in the foreign language so viewers who do not speak English can easily follow what is going on.

Localising Video Subtitles with Transcreation

For instance, a business may want to use their best advertising videos in another country. Or they may want to use a video for a business meeting with a company that is based in China or India.

In these cases, localising or transcreating video subtitles is vitally important, as it is the only way for the intended audience to follow the video you show them.

When should you avoid direct translations?

Unfortunately, too many businesses think translating subtitles is as simple as putting someone in charge of doing a direct translation of the text.

Direct translations are fine when you want to learn what a news article is saying in your language, or you wish to communicate with someone in another language over the internet.

However, direct translations do not always work with video subtitles, for many reasons.

Firstly, the translation from English to another language is often longer than the source material, which presents issues with how the video is structured. Would there be enough time for the subtitles to run through while the words are being spoken in English, or does the video need to be slowed down or lengthened to ensure smooth translations?

Without the proper care, your video could come across as very unprofessional and haphazard when the subtitles are translated to another language.

How a Translation Agency Can Help

The goal of a translation agency is to provide your business with the video transcreation services you require. Visit our blog.

Whether you are looking to have a video voiced over in another language, or you merely wish to get the existing subtitles translated, you will require the expert assistance of translators who not only understand both languages, but comprehend the context and intricacies of video subtitle transcreations.

Transcreation – What can we do for you?

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