What Sets Transcreators Apart from Translators?

A New Culture to Navigate.

What Sets Transcreators Apart from Translators?

When expanding your business overseas, you will need to make sure your branding is suitable for the new cultural audience.

What Sets Transcreators Apart from Translators?

Language can be tricky, and a bit of a minefield for businesses. Sometimes, businesses will try to use direct translations on their website, marketing, and branding content. In doing so, they put themselves at risk of not making any sense, causing offense, or becoming the butt of a joke they won’t live down in their new territory.

Sensible businesses will use translators to ensure they will at least make sense and get their meanings across. Yet wiser companies will use transcreators. “What’s the difference?”, I hear you ask! Let’s take a look. Visit our blog.

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What is a Translator?

A translator is someone who conveys the meaning of texts from one language into another, and is usually a native speaker of one of the languages. Nowadays, translation is not necessarily carried out by a person as software has been developed to take over this role – although its ability to reliably produce meaningful texts is sometimes questioned.

What Sets Transcreators Apart from Translators?

What is a Transcreator?

Some things get lost in translation, and that is where transcreation comes in.

Even perfect translations, where meanings are completely retained in the correct syntax, can be problematic. A transcreator doesn’t just retain the meanings of the original text, but goes beyond the text to make sure the audience can identify with the messages behind the words.

A transcreator is often skilled in multiple languages like a translator, but can also draw on additional abilities which set them apart. These include being aware of the cultural aspects of the market and having extensive experience in copywriting.

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