Should You Be Translating Your Business Letter and Emails?

So you’ve added a number of overseas contacts to your mailing lists and you’re aware they could be of value to you. Which may mean that after scripting a winning business email or letter, an important question pops into your head:

Would it be better if I translated it to their language?
In a word, the answer for multiple reasons is…yes!

Should You Be Translating Your Business Letter and Emails?

Why Business Communication Translation Makes Sense

While Bulgarian document translations, Polish email translations and so on will always attach a price, it’s the kind of investment that’s justified in so many ways. For one thing, the fact that you have gone about the translation at all demonstrates commitment and respect to your contacts on a much higher level. It shows you take them seriously, that you value them as contacts and that you’re investing in something valuable and long-term.

Not only this, but it also ensures that each and every word in the communication is fully understood and assimilated, exactly in the manner it should be. If you do not speak the same language as the person you are writing to, you absolutely cannot expect them to understand 100% of the text to the same extent you yourself might.


Taking things one step further, it’s a good idea to remember that simply converting each word to its international equivalent, one after the other may not produce the intended result. Instead it’s important to take into account the locality of both the recipient and yourself, being careful to avoid anything that may be a) offensive or b) lost in translation. If possible, focus on their locality and approach your translation accordingly.

To produce a text that appeals to your target recipient is to impress and encourage them in a manner a foreign-language business communication never could.

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