Translations Over the Christmas Period – Common Sense Precautions

Given the obvious chaos in the run-up to Christmas, taking chances when it comes to important translation jobs really isn’t a good idea. Online translation jobs like website translations and marketing content translations for example might not be disrupted too much, but anything you plan to send or receive by mail…well, it’s an entirely different story.

Translations Over the Christmas Period – Common Sense Precautions

The key is of course to begin planning and setting things in motion as early as possible, in order to pre-empt and avoid potential hiccups along the way.  By contrast, it most certainly does not mean ignoring the obvious and hoping for the best, during a time when there are several potential problems working against you.

Postal Problems

For example, it’s probably fair to say that many standard postal services are not exactly beacons of reliability at the best of times.  Over the Christmas period, things become even more problematic.  The simple fact of the matter is that if you cannot say that you have 100% confidence in any given postal service, it isn’t a service you should be using.  Instead, and while it may mean paying a higher price, consider working with private couriers that offer comprehensive guarantees.

Office Closures

Along with this, it’s also worth bearing in mind the fact that the vast majority of translators and translation agencies will be closed for any given amount of time for the festive period.  During this time, not only will they be unable to work on your translations, but you will not be able to contact them should there be any problems with regard to current or ongoing projects.  Rather than simply diving into new jobs at this time, be sure to first establish when and if they will in fact be able to complete them.

On the whole, it’s simply a case of being proactive when it comes to likelihood of receiving the kinds of results you expect in a timely manner.  Here at Semiotic Transfer, we never take on any translation job of any size that we cannot back with a 100% guarantee of flawless results and strictly-kept deadlines.

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