4 Common Translation Misconceptions

1. Anyone proficient in two languages can be a translator

Contrary to popular belief, it takes much more than advanced knowledge of two or more languages to be a translator.  Even if you can speak, read and write any given languages fluently, this does not mean that you are equipped to carry out professional translation (Translation Misconceptions). 

From a complete understanding of cultural influences to understanding the subtle nuances of language to flawless communication skills and so on, there is so much more to translating than simply converting words.

2. Translation Jobs Are Simple

Given the fact that no two documents are ever the same, each and every translation project represents a unique and often intensive challenge.  It is not simply about replacing one word with another, but rather delving into the meaning, context and purpose of the text – not to mention the specifics of the target recipient.  Very rarely is an important translation project anything other than complex and arduous.

3. Computers Can Translate Accurately These Days

Technology may have come a long way, as it is unlikely that computers will ever be able to fully replace human translators.  The reason being that machine translations are carried out in a one-dimensional manner, focusing on converting known words, sentences and phrases into the target language. 

What they cannot do is pick up on subtext, hidden meaning, sarcasm and the kind of content that quite simply does not exist in the target language.  Computers can translate, but translating accurately is something different entirely.

4. Professional Translations Are Usually Unnecessary

Last but not least, you really only need to think about the last time you are presented with something translated poorly into your own language, to understand the inaccuracy of this presumption. 

When something, anything at all has been translated inaccurately or lazily, it becomes extremely difficult to hold the brand or business behind it in any kind of high regard.  Would you trust them?  Do business with them?  Recommend them to others?  Think about what is being said about your business, when you allow for quality translations to speak on your behalf.

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