Sure-Fire Signs Your Website Translation Needs Revisiting

These days, international website translations are anything but a rarity. As the global community as a whole becomes more intrinsically linked by the day, it’s nothing short of the norm for businesses of all types and sizes to present their websites in multiple languages.

To reach out to international audiences with professionally-translated websites can be to expand business interests on a quite extraordinary level. However, to misfire with a poor-quality web business translation is to risk facing dire consequences, both overseas and on home territory.

Sure-Fire Signs Your Website Translation Needs Revisiting

So rather than simply taking things for granted, it’s worth occasionally revisiting the quality of your own brand’s website translation, in order to evaluate its impact. Suffice to say, should any of the following boxes be ticked, it could be that the site translation is in fact doing more harm than good:

1 – Frequent Confusion

If your website is leading to confusion on a routine basis among international audiences, it may be worth considering taking things back to the drawing board. Research shows that when prospective customers are presented with a site deemed poorly translated, they’re unlikely to return or recommend the business to others.

2 – Zero Impact

If your international website translation project has yielded nothing positive whatsoever, it could be the quality of the translation that’s to blame, as opposed to your business in general.

3 – Any Indication of Offense

Should it be picked up on that even one prospective customer has taken offense to your translated site, this should be more than enough to prompt a comprehensive review and overhaul. Just because only one prospect has spoken out doesn’t mean you aren’t routinely offending much larger audiences.

4 – Automated Translation Processes

Last up, if your site translation was handled by way of automated process rather than a professional human translation team, there are most likely endless discrepancies and errors plaguing what could have been a successful overseas business venture.

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