Who we are

Our Team

Tamara Castro

Born in Geneva, Spanish in temperament, with a Swiss head and Brazilian heart. Privately, I enjoy being creative and active with my family or venturing outdoors. I enjoy playing Jass with friends, accompanied by a good glass of red wine. I also enjoy sitting on the couch with an engrossing crime novel. Professionally, I'm excited about technical advances within the languages sector and, together with our fantastic team, I enjoy building bridges of understanding in six languages for our international clients.

Senior Language Manager

Sandra Holmboe

I was born and grew up in Germany, but have been living in southern Africa (Namibia/South Africa) for over 20 years. My love for languages began when I was at school and has only deepened since I have been living abroad. Helping people overcome language barriers, facilitating communication and always learning new things in the process is very enriching for me and is even more fun when surrounded by such a great team.

Language Manager

Mark Cheetham

Born in Geneva and raised trilingual in Basel, I entered the language services industry straight from completing my studies. I've been a co-managing director of the translation agency SemioticTransfer since 2020 and have many years of experience in project management and corporate governance. As the proud and considerate father to a young daughter, I'm always happy to sing to her upon request. Personally, I'm interested in social issues, politics, and anything on four wheels – especially Formula One.

Co-Managing Director

Doris Martin

As a committed language professional, I enjoy working with and for people. Thanks to my many years of experience abroad, as a translator and as a project manager, I know the translation industry inside out. Privately, I find my balance in nature. The mountains and the water are my meditation. No matter where, I love feeling the wind in my hair and the water on my skin. My dog, May, is always in tow and this is how I best unwind and indulge my thoughts.

Senior Language Manager

Matthias Trümpy

I've been a co-managing director of SemioticTransfer since 2020. In addition to a degree in business management from the University of Zurich, I have more than 30 years of technical and managerial experience in various roles, sectors, and countries – more than 15 years of which spent in the language services industry. I believe in values such as leading by example and integrity, personal initiative and responsibility, trust. In my spare time, I enjoy doing sport, reading good newspapers, and trying to improve my guitar playing.

Co-Managing Director

Eva Rid

I was born and raised in Germany, have lived in Brazil for more than 20 years, and try to combine the best of both cultures: German efficiency and consistency with Brazilian ease and warmth of heart. I love starting the day with some yoga and after work you can find me outdoors with the family – in the garden, at the beach, or in the mountains. I love good food and a glass of wine with friends and enjoy both the big and small pleasures in life!

Senior Language Manager

Adriana Giovannini

I've worked in the company's accounts department since it was founded and will happily answer any invoicing and payment queries. Outside of work, I love dancing around the house and watching a good film with my family. White sandy beaches are my preferred holiday destination.

Accounts assistant

Michaela Santis

I grew up in the heart of the Austrian mountains, right on the Italian border. Whether I am hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter, the mountains are always somewhere I can relax and recharge my batteries. Enjoying a hearty Italian meal with my family is the perfect end to a day for me. Of course, no good meal is complete without a delicious dessert. Even when I am travelling, enjoying a local sweet course is always right at the top of my list.

Language Manager

Laura Leuenberger

Born in Basel with roots in the Bernese Mittelland and Sicily, I combine the down-to-earth nature of Switzerland with the temperament of Italy. In my free time, I am a passionate ice hockey fan and also appreciate Swiss traditional wrestling and stone-tossing. My connections to Basel run deep – I attend the city's Fasnacht carnival and enjoy spending my summer evenings on the banks of the Rhine with friends. When the weather gets colder, I also like giving myself the creeps with a good horror film on the couch.

Language Manager

Rebekka Niggler

I was born and grew up in Switzerland. When I was 16, I did an exchange year in the USA and have remained in close contact with my host family there ever since. In my free time, I enjoy reading and travelling, as they are both ways of immersing myself in other cultures and seeing things from many different perspectives. My initial training as a businesswoman and my experience in project management and accounting led me to join SemioticTransfer. In parallel to my part-time position here, I am training to be a translator.

Language Manager

The SemioticTransfer team in Baden, Switzerland, is responsible for coordinating client requests with internal and external service providers in the areas of technical translation, transcreation for marketing, inbound copywriting, multilingual search engine optimisation (SEO), online marketing, and inbound lead generation.

SemioticTransfer AG’s international network includes technical translators, copywriters, graphic designers, webmasters, journalists, public relations (PR) professionals, as well as prepress and printing agencies. Together with our own teams, partners, and freelancers based within the target countries, we’re able to offer optimal value for money.

At SemioticTransfer, tailored advice, customer focus, and workforce engagement are key to any order.

Our vision and mission

To connect people and markets

through language.

We’re an independent, ISO 17100-certified, Swiss language service provider.

Our focus is high-quality, innovative language services in the areas of technical translation, marketing communications, proofreading, editing, and technical documentation.

Our tailored advice, strong engagement, and expertise form the basis for the success of our clients.

We value a culture of open communication and a positive working environment, characterised by mutual respect and tolerance.

We see ourselves as a learning organisation that promotes the personal and professional development of its workforce. This enables us to recognise our clients’ needs and collaborate with them to achieve their goals.

SemioticTransfer was the first Swiss translation agency certified to the quality standard ISO 17100.