Professional specialist translations
Professional editing
Multilingual web texts
Technical translation solutions
Professional advertising texts
Multilingual formatting and layout
TUV translation management
Certified translations

SemioticTransfer AG is a Swiss communications agency certified according to the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality standards for the following areas: professional translations in 40 languages, professional editing, creative multilingual communication, web copy and technical translations.

We’ll take your business to the top. Quantifiable. Sustainable. Take our word for it! We know what we’re doing. In the truest sense.
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Specialist translations
Professional advertising texts
Correction service
Multilingual and layout
Multilingual web texts
Translation solutions
Certified translations

Specialist subjects
Automotive engineering
Electrical industry
Finance and business
Leisure and travel
Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Security technology

End products
Technical manuals

Operating manuals
Business & annual reports

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Java source code

Our company

sellingonline SellingOnline
Our linguistic search term analysis delivers in-depth answers and detailed recommendations to optimise your marketing on the Internet.
semioticcodes SemioticCodes
Our semiotic diagnostic model «SemioticCodes®» delivers scientifically sound answers to questions about the transfer of meaning. We decipher your corporate communication, decode the brand code and reveal the meaning that really reaches the target group.


Partners, memberships and awards

TÜV_certified TUV Certificate and LinquaCert Certificate
SemioticTransfer AG is the only translation company in Switzerland certified by TÜV SÜD and LinquaCert as compliant with the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality standards.
Trados SDL LSP Partner
We are an SDL LSP Partner and work intensively with the SDL Trados translation memory system.
across_Certified_partner_Semiotictransfer Across Service Provider
Across is one of our key tools. We are an Across Service Provider, offering the services you need to introduce Across to your staff and simplify your data migration.
smc_Semiotictransfer SWISS MARKETING (SMC)
The premium forum for marketing specialists. This body groups together the marketing expertise of about 4000 specialists and management staff from various different sectors.
SKO Schweizer Kader Organisation SKO
SemioticTransfer AG is a member of the Schweizer Kader Organisation SKO, a body representing the economic, political and social interests of business leaders in Switzerland.

Schweizerischer KMU Verband
SemioticTransfer AG is a member of the Swiss SME association Schweizer KMU Verband that supports entrepreneurs and business owners.

AIHK AIHK – Aargauischen Industrie- und Handelskammer
SemioticTransfer AG is a member of the Argovian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
SwissThai SwissThai
SemioticTransfer AG is a member of the Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce.
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