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Have certified translations prepared of your academic records and degrees

Do you need an accurate and recognised certified translation of your academic records and degrees that you can rely on? Then you’ve come to the right place. Translators, working into their native language, skilfully translate the subtle nuances of the various education systems around the world into 40 languages.

As a record of performance, an academic transcript or certificate plays a role in many areas of life and is requested by public authorities and employers. As proof of academic or vocational training, these documents are presented just like a reference from a former employer or a general certificate to confirm skills learned or acquired.

Do you want to use your academic achievements obtained abroad recognised in Switzerland? At many institutions and in many businesses, you will need to provide a notarised translation to supply accepted proof. As a Swiss translation agency with over 20 years’ experience, we are your professional partner and will support you by translating and certifying your degrees and academic records.

Get the recognition your records deserve with certification

Since individual countries – and industries within those countries – have different educational and performance standards, proving the validity of qualifications and accomplishments at work already poses a challenge. A certified translation that has been prepared by a professional translator has to reproduce the relevant skills and qualifications accurately and using precisely the right words if the document is to be recognised.

The performance levels indicated in school reports or academic degrees have now been largely harmonised at a European level. For certificates of achievement from further afield, problems obtaining recognition of skills are not uncommon. Here, a certified translation of an academic record or diploma should at least give you peace of mind on a linguistic and legal level.

Certifications and translations to suit your needs

Whether for a commercial company or a public institution in your city or your canton, a different kind of certification is required depending on the intended use of your translation. If you are interested in our “Documentation and Consular Services”, feel free to contact us and let us know what you need. With our extensive experience as a Swiss translation agency, we will happily show you which type of certified translation should be submitted to suit your intended purpose in order to guarantee recognition of your documents.

So that everything runs smoothly, we work closely with the state administrative authorities in the Swiss cantons (“Staatskanzleien”) and foreign consulates in Switzerland.

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Certified translations are a matter of trust. With us, you are in safe hands.

A professional translation with the correct official certification prevents problems with recognition by the authorities in Switzerland and abroad.

This is why we have specialised in recognised certified translations for over ten years.

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