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Have certified translations prepared of contracts for international transactions

Do you need an accurate and recognised certified translation of your contract that you can rely on? Then you’ve come to the right place. Certified specialist translators, working into their mother tongue, will handle your contracts for every legal transaction: leases, credit agreements, divorce agreements, employment contracts, contracts for the purchase of real estate abroad – and much more.

Where transactions take place, contracts are always involved. These are usually written in the national language. With an accurate, professional translation, you know what you’re signing from the outset. If such contracts have to be submitted before a public authority or, when concluding a business deal, produced at other offices, a recognised certified translation is often required. As a reputable translation agency, certified according to ISO 17100 and ISO 9001, we are there for you every step of the way with valuable advice and support.

Do you need a certified translation?

If you are starting a new job abroad, it’s possible that you will need to present the contract to the local authorities. The same may apply with a lease or sublease agreement. Financing is often involved when purchasing property. In this case, you will require, on the one hand, the contract of sale and possibly other documents for submission to the bank and, on the other hand, the approved loan agreement as proof of financial resources. The same can apply to other commercial agreements abroad. A notarised translation helps the relevant authorities and the contractual parties to understand the content and, at the same time, it attests to the correctness and credibility of the translation.

Approved translators

As an experienced and certified translation agency, we collaborate with subject matter experts in a wide variety of native languages. As a result, we are able to provide professional translations of your contracts in 40 languages. Since different formalities apply to the authorities in each country, we take account of local practices. By working together with professional and certified translators, we are able to obtain notarised certification. Our services also include supplementary certification, such as apostilles, where required. So that everything runs smoothly, we work closely with the state administrative authorities in the Swiss cantons (“Staatskanzleien”), the Chambers of Commerce and foreign consulates in Switzerland.

Of course, certified translations may also be required in the event of a dispute. A translation legalised by apostille may be submitted to the competent court at home or abroad in order to demonstrate and establish your claim.

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Certified translations are a matter of trust. With us, you are in safe hands.

A professional translation with the correct official certification prevents problems with recognition by the authorities in Switzerland and abroad.

This is why we have specialised in recognised certified translations for over ten years.

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