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Emigration needs to be well planned

Are you toying with the idea of emigrating and settling in another country? Emigration requires careful planning – after all, you don’t want any problems with red tape in your destination country. There are a lot of arrangements to be made, including preparing all of the necessary documentation. Depending on the language spoken in the destination country, this documentation will need to be provided in the form of a certified translation so that it will be recognised by the authorities.

What documents do you need?

A valid identification document is always required for emigration. To be granted a visa, a long-term residence permit and a work permit, you may need to produce additional documents, such as a birth certificate, an extract from the register of births, certificates, degrees, a criminal record check, an employment contract, a rental agreement, a certificate of good conduct, documents attesting to your financial circumstances and, if you plan to marry in your destination country, a certificate of no impediment. You may, for example, ask the relevant embassy or consulate for details of the documents required. We would be happy to assist you. Our «Documentation and Consular Services» team will support you in correctly preparing the original documents which you will need to emigrate successfully, without any glitches or surprises.

If you need a certified translation, this will, of course, also need to be prepared in advance. Naturally, we can also obtain an apostille for the certified translation on your behalf, which is often required. So that everything runs smoothly, we work closely with the state administrative authorities in the Swiss cantons («Staatskanzleien») and foreign consulates in Switzerland.

Reliable translation of your documents

As an experienced service provider, we work exclusively with certified professional translators. When it comes to the translation, you can, therefore, rely on fluent language skills as well as on knowledge of the official jargon used in the destination country and compliance with the formal requirements. Naturally, we arrange for the correct recognised certification. Depending on the destination country, it may not be sufficient to have a signature notarised, rather a so-called supplementary certification may be called for. In some cases, further official confirmation of the translation will need to be obtained in the destination country. This can be avoided using an apostille, which involves obtaining certification from a cantonal “Staatskanzlei” (state administrative authority) in Switzerland. This certification will then be recognised without any further formalities by the authorities in all countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention.

We are also your professional partner if you are presented with documents from your desired destination country, or if you need to sign contracts to take up employment or to acquire property, for example. We will translate your documents – using the proper terminology – before you sign, so that you can check all of the clauses and avoid any risks.

Certified translation for emigrants to Switzerland

Would you like to emigrate from another country and have chosen Switzerland as your new home? If so, a certified translation of your foreign-language documentation is often required. Here, too, we are at your disposal and will translate your identity documents, entry permit and other paperwork into the official languages of Switzerland: German, French and Italian. With our approved certified translations, you will have cleared the first hurdle in your successful bid to live in Switzerland.

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Certified translations are a matter of trust. With us, you are in safe hands.

A professional translation with the correct official certification prevents problems with recognition by the authorities in Switzerland and abroad.

This is why we have specialised in recognised certified translations for over ten years.

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