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Legal Translation Service

Why it is so important for companies that engage in international business to work with professional translators to prepare legal documents for foreign language markets?

Legal translation is perhaps the most challenging translation required in the field. It takes extensive experience and linguistic training as well as legal knowledge in both the source and target languages to accurately translate a legal document.

Legal terminology and systems often differ significantly between countries. The origin of legal terms is rooted in the unique history, culture and legislation of each country. This presents a great challenge when attempting to accurately translate legal documents.

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In addition, linguistic differences weigh heavily on legal translations. Idiomatic expressions and key phrases in a source language may not have literal equivalents in a target language. This makes it even more important to involve native speakers, in-country experts as well as legal experts in the process of translating legal documents.

Here at Swiss translation agency Semiotic Transfer, we have a large network of experts and translators native to various countries around the world. With our professional legal translation service, we can transform your source legal document into a powerful and accurate legal document in your chosen target language. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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