Multilingual web copy

Other countries, other customs.

Are you expanding internationally and hoping to do well in foreign markets? Is your need for multilingual online communication growing?

If you wish to succeed with your website and your online activities in other languages and markets, remember this handy motto: Other countries – other customs!

That includes other online cultural communication templates for your customers on the internet.

different online customs = different online search behaviour

different language =
different online communication template

different culturally-specific search terms =
different online business culture


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Sales success in foreign markets with transcreation

For your internet presence, your e-newsletters, your sales brochures, your Google Adwords campaigns, your blogs and apps, etc., a standard or ‘one size fits all’ translation – even if it starts out being accurate – will not do the trick.

We call our solution ‘transcreation’. We adapt your entire range of online activities to be in tune with linguistic and culture-specific conditions. The transcreation process, the scope of which goes far beyond that of a standard translation, is essential to your sales success in foreign markets.

You will only win customers in foreign markets if you know their language, their cultural thought patterns and their specific needs and concerns.

SemioticTransfer AG – your one-stop communications agency for effective, international online marketing.

With our network partners, we are ‘at home’ almost right across the globe. This enables us to assure customer-sensitive localisation of your website, your Google Adwords campaigns, your e-newsletter, your blogs, apps and so on, to maximise your market empathy and sales.

For the technical workflows associated with website translations, please refer to Technology-based solutions for website translations.


We are the first language services provider in Switzerland to provide TÜV-certified languages services in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 quality standards for multilingual translating, multilingual copywriting and for marketing communications materials.

We’ll take your business to the top. Quantifiable. Verifiable. Sustainable.

Take our word for it! 
We know what we’re doing. 
In the truest sense.

In German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

SemioticTransfer’s international network includes:

  • Semioticians
  • Linguists
  • Translators
  • Copywriting specialists
  • Concept specialists
  • Graphics specialists
  • Website programmers
  • Journalists
  • PR specialists
  • Pre-press and printing agencies

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