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As well as a fluent command of the relevant foreign language, the translation of official documents calls for particular care and, where appropriate, knowledge of the destination country’s requirements. These vary according to the purpose for which the document is required, and the laws applying to each case. For official documentation, however, translation alone is generally not sufficient as notarised certification is required for submission to and recognition by the authorities.

When is a certified translation needed?

There is a wide range of circumstances in which an official document has to be translated. Immigration or emigration may necessitate a certified translation. Further common reasons are marriage, divorce, international adoption or patent applications. Which documents in particular need to be translated depends on the occasion. Do you want to get married abroad or to a partner with foreign citizenship? In that case, you will need to supply birth certificates, often an extract from the register of births and a certificate of no impediment, or an excerpt from the marriage register in the national language.

Your marriage certificate will be needed in the case of divorce in a foreign country. For a divorce to be recognised in another country, the divorce certificate must be provided in the relevant language. Adoption: to adopt a child in a foreign country or from a foreign country, you will need to provide notarised translation of the relevant official documents to prove, for example, the foreign child’s availability for adoption and his/her identity. If you need to provide evidence of the rights to a patent application abroad, you will need to have the official documents translated and certified so they can be recognised by the courts. Other examples of when documents may need to be translated include death or inheritance.

Professional translators

Just as the reasons for ordering a certified translation are so varied, the specifications for the documents are strict. As a well-known Swiss translation agency with over 20 years’ experience, we work exclusively with professional translators. Are you uncertain of the requirements in your destination country? Then our “Documentation and Consular Services” team will be happy to assist you in correctly preparing the original documents.

Specialist knowledge

Legal subtleties and a background of specialist terminology provide another compelling reason to have your certified translation prepared only by an experienced and certified translation agency. Both of these elements are important, especially for official documents, because precise legal terms in the respective national language must be used correctly, as well as taking cultural circumstances into account. You can rely on us, both to translate subtleties like these and to process your documents promptly and accurately.

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