Sophisticated technical translation solutions

Nothing already written or translated 
should need time wasted on
repeating the exercise.

As a global corporation you sell your products and services in international markets where foreign languages are spoken. These are culture-specific foreign markets where you need to be represented by local sales partners.

Your international success depends not only on the marketing materials you provide them with, such as branding, advertising copy or product brochures. The quality of your technical writing in operating manuals, spare parts catalogues and other essential technical communication also reflects on your corporate identity; it needs expert, accurate translation to avoid damage to your international reputation.Have you ever found yourself thinking about questions like:

How do I ?

stay firmly in control of the ever-changing product components and properties in our technical documentation in a cost-effective way, yet maintain a consistently high linguistic standard across the various translations in all our markets?

keep a firm grasp on quality and budget, despite the potential for error every time we develop products, modify parts or change translators, any of which could lead to our terminology being reinvented and costs blowing out?

Different departments in an organisation produce vastly different types of documents: technical editing, for example, writes operating manuals; marketing creates brochures, training packages and web copy; IT says what goes into the PIM (Product Information Management System) and decides on software localisation.

With such diverse authoring, it’s hard to stay on top of quality and consistency. The greater the volume of documentation, the more complex your situation becomes.

In technical documentation, you have to deal with different locations updating identical content, different versions as well as different variants, an absence of standard terminology in the source language and the resulting inconsistencies multiplying across translations.

This scenario can’t possibly work without some level of automation; without it, costs are bound to run out of control.

Our answers:

Together we succeed!

Our guiding principle in quality assurance is ‘together we succeeed!’ Cooperation, collaboration and sharing responsibility with our customers – these are integral to the quality assurance of every order SemioticTransfer accepts.Get an edge in marketing to foreign-language markets: we have over 20 years of experience and our advanced Briefing and Guideline System for each stage of the process is certified in accordance with ISO 17100. A targeted system to give you a clear roadmap for managing your multilingual product documentation.

Sophisticated technical translation solutions

Our 20 years of practical experience with client projects in technical documentation and marketing communication combined with our technology-based translation solutions give you a solid guarantee of success in international markets.

Consistent implementation of single-source translating and single-source publishing.

Single-source translating results from leveraging the advantages our Translation Memory Systems (TMS) offer. Single-source publishing goes one step further – it systematically records and modularises your source texts, right from the point of origin, with an XML-based editorial system (CMS).

Our single-source translating means you’re assured of a standardised source language plus terminology management and translation memory management.

Single-source publishing increases productivity by using editorial systems (CMS):

  • Modular recording of information units
  • Avoiding inconsistencies and redundancies in the development of information
  • Multiple usage of information units and content modules
  • Variant management (e.g. manuals and training documents)
  • Version management of various languages and versions/updates
  • Interlinking of data, contents and structures, and the archiving of these in a reproducible manner

Nothing already written or translated should need time wasted on repeating the exercise. Put this principle into practice right across the board with our three-point programme!

These are the kinds of documents over which you need full communications control.

  • Assembly manuals
  • Business and annual reports
  • E-newsletters
  • Google Adwords campaigns
  • Marketing brochures
  • Installation manuals
  • Landing pages
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Online aids
  • Online manuals
  • Operating manuals
  • Product catalogues
  • Repair manuals
  • Software manuals
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Training documents
  • Websites

Professional specialist and technical translations are much like the work of a masterful chef, whose true worth shines over a three to five-course meal. Like that five-course meal, the translation projects you entrust to us at SemioticTransfer undergo several quality assurance stages.

Our specialist and technical translations are not only more valuable – they genuinely add real value for our customers and therefore achieve market success in the UK, Spain, France, Russia, China or indeed wherever you might wish to sell your products and services.

Just give us a call. It doesn’t matter if you are simply looking for an effective headline in French, or need to devise an entire communications concept to expand into China.

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SemioticTransfer AG is the first language company in Switzerland to provide TUV-certified language services in accordance with ISO 17100.